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Hello! Welcome to my illustrated blog :)

I am a Violinist & Illustrator on a new journey travelling the world - something I’ve dreamt of since forever ago! I will be using my illustrations as a way to narrate my story navigating through this big adventure.

Setting this blog up has been yet another dream for a long while, with the specific intention and just-for-fun excitement of it being illustrated. I wanted something different for people to read and get involved with, whilst also hopefully taking something of value away - whether it be some interesting articles, some giggles or purely for visual entertainment. I hope you experience some enjoyment from essentially seeing this blog like a big ol’ storybook.

I will also use photographs alongside, as a lot of the time the real thing won’t be beat (don’t want to miss out salivating over landscapes and food!).

After using ink and watercolour for many many years, I started working digitally and find it is one of my happiest mediums to work in. There will be (hopefully) a mixture of both, but as travelling doesn’t really entail scanners being readily available, it may mostly end up being very digitally driven.

I hope to write a journal along the way, which I will also make sure to include in some shape or form. Feel free to involve yourself in any way you’d like - comment/chat/email. We will venture into the wilderness of the world together, with a trusty pen in hand…